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Year 973 - War Tribute

Another hypothesis is that the Curmsun Disc is a gift from Harald to Otto I or other prominent.

Replica of the Magdeburger Reiter,

equestrian monument traditionally
regarded as portrait of Otto I
(Magdeburg, original c. 1240)

According to the book Medieval Germans and its neighbors, 900-1250, page 179 (by Karl Leyser, A&C Black, 1982) Otto I received rarities and a gold plate among other things from his war-lords. Is it possible that the gold plate is the Curmsun Disc? In a meeting in Quedlinburg 973 it is said that Danish representatives brought gifts to the old emperor Otto I (Danmark och Tyskland under Harald Gormsson, Sture Bolin 1931) but as Norway was under Danish control 973 and this fact is left-out on Curmsun Disc it seems to be a less likely year of manufacturing Curmsun Disc.

What seems to strengthen the hypothesis regarding a gift from Harald to a prominent person is that with the runestone of Harald the inscription was made as a message regarding the king´s reign instead of earlier rune inscriptions which were made for describing and maintaining different issues. Furthermore, the rune inscription of Harald was made horizontal for the first time which Preben Meulengracht Sørensen consider as the first known sign of an upcoming Latin written culture in the Nordic countries (Kapitler af nordens litteratur i oldtid og middelalder, Preben Meulengracht Sørensen, 2006).