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Medieval Coinage in Denmark and Norway

Coin of Sweyn Forkbeard (link)

In year 995, Haralds´s son Sweyn Forkbeard had his own coin with an image in his likeness:


The Latin legend reads:

SVEN REX AD DENER which is translated to Sweyn king of Danes.

Coin of Cnut the Great (link)

Sweyn´s son Cnut the Great (1014-1035) also had his own coin.







The Latin legend reads:

CNVT REX IN DENORVM which is translated to Cnut king of Denmark. Now there is a change from king of the people to king of the nation and that change seems to be definate as we do not see any more examples of king of the Danes in Danish history.

Coin of Harald Hardrada and Magnus the Good (link)

The spelling ARALD on the Curmsun Disc would most likely refer to Harald. The spelling Arald is used on a coin with the co-rulers in Norway, Harald Hardrada and Magnus the Good, around mid 11th century. The Latin legend reads: MAHNUS ARALD REX, see below:


Furthermore, when Harald Hardrada ruled Norway by himself the coin with his likeliness reads: ARALD REX NAR, see below:


Type Faces

There are five different type faces in the image below including the Curmsun Disc. The Curmsun Disc is casted and the others are minted.

Type Faces

1st row CURMSUN DISC – 960-985?

2nd row SWEYN FORKBEARD – 986-1014

3rd row CNUT THE GREAT – 1016-1035

4th row CHRISTOPHER II – 1320-1326

5th row CHRISTIAN IV – 1588-1648